Privately Owned. Patient First. Proudly Canadian.
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Privately Owned. Proudly Canadian. The Patient Is Our First Priority.
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We Promise

Rely on Our Pharmacists to Be Your "True North".

In the U.S., many medications are overpriced or not covered by insurance. When your health and quality of life is at stake, that’s just not right. That’s why, at True North Meds, we promise:

Quality Medications at Fair Prices

All of our brand-name and generic medications are made in North America. We use the same drug distributors as your neighborhood pharmacy. Because they are sourced from Canada and we are a 100% online pharmacy, we can keep prices low. True North Meds is a licensed Canadian pharmacy.

Accessible Pharmacists

With no pressure on us to drive numbers, we can focus on the patient first. That means our pharmacists spend their time looking after your healthcare needs, not sales statistics. We can spend more time researching prescription options and putting smarter pharmaceutical care plans together for you.

On-Time Delivery

When you need your prescription or refill, timing is everything. We provide realistic delivery times that you can count on.

​​​​​​​Our focus is caring for you and your health by listening to your needs and leveraging lower-cost, high quality Canadian-made medications.
True North Meds is a privately owned drugstore where patients are our first priority.