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True North Meds, Inc., Return Policy

Under the law in Manitoba, Canada, where your North American medications are dispensed, we cannot accept any returns for your medication once it has left our facility.

Updated October 2016

See Manitoba Pharmaceutical Regulations below.

“Manitoba Pharmaceutical Regulations section 85(1) to the December 2006 Pharmaceutical Act: A pharmacist shall not accept for return to inventory any drug that has been previously dispensed to a patient. Non-observance of the regulations constitutes conduct detrimental to the public interest and is subject to disciplinary action by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.”

We apply a series of checks to the order process to reduce the chance of errors. In the event there is an error, we will contact you as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

True North Meds is a licensed  pharmacy that focuses on quality prescription medications at fair prices.