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Privately Owned. Proudly Canadian. The Patient Is Our First Priority.
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Ask Your True North Pharmacist

I used to buy from Canada, what do I do now?


We know with Canada Drugs closing many patients are now concerned about how they are going to pay for their medications. True North Meds can help you with your medications costs, we sell only Canadian-Made medications not medications from other countries. We are a licensed Canadian online pharmacy NOT a prescription service, when you call you talk directly with the pharmacist handling your medications, not a call center representative. We can offer you a better level of service you were accustomed to with Canada Drugs, with the same prices you were used to paying, while being assured that you are receiving only Canadian-Made medications. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are patient centered and want you to feel comfortable when you are talking about your health and your medication needs, that is why we never have call center representative speak with you about your medications. Give us a call today or fill out our easy online/mobile form to get started, once you fill out the form a pharmacist will call you back in 2 hours to assist you.

True North believes in creating personal pharmaceutical care plans -- not statistics.